A peek inside the box


Our boxes measure 24" (L) X 18" (H) X 16" (W) and are strong double walled (thick). Depending on how boxes are packed each one should be able to handle a comforter, pilows and sheets.


Box packing Tips


  • Each box should not weigh more than 40 lbs.*

  • Spread books into multiple boxes to reduce weight.

  • Use clear packing tap to seal boxes.

  • Do not use silver duct tape, black electrical tape or blue "painers" tape.

  • Make sure the bottom of boxes are taped and sealed securly.


Out of box items

  • Refrigerators - Unplug, wipe inside clean with dry cloth. Leave doors open to dry out then seal doors with tape prior to pick up.

  • Heavy Items - Furniture, mattresses and other heavy items should be securly wrapped with plastic or blankets prior to pick up.


* A $35 fee applies to boxes wegihing over 40 lbs. Boxes exceeding our box size (4 cu. ft.) are an addtional $35. Storage insurance applies when our boxes are used.


Questions? Please email us at info@collegestorageservices.com