Summer storage is the most popular. Study abroad storage starts at $40 per box per semester or quarter. Summer is considered a semester or quarter. Other services  include shipping, moving box kits, Room Service pick up and delivery at select campuses and up to $100 storage insurance for each box.

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How much do services cost?

College Storage Services has been serving Southern California campuses since 2008. Located in Southern County, California means we are centrally located to campuses throughout the state. Our goals: create jobs on campuses; serve families with passion and deliver amazing customer service. We're innovative and always looking for ways to serve students and make college living easier.

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Who is College Storage Services?

Besides value and a great experience we provide summer and study abroad storage, shipping and moving supplies. Our Retail-to-School delivery means you can order from Target, Bed, Bath & Beyond, etc. and have it delivered to your dorm room or apartment.

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What products and services are offered?
What can I put in storage?

Most everything in your dorm room. Items that cannot be accepted are: weapons; cash or coins; illegal drugs; hazardous materials; and other items that may pose a threat. We also have a some restirctions for shipping both international and domestic shipments. Please see our Terms & Conditions for more details.

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Room Service pick up and delivery is available at several campuses in Southern California. We also provide pick up and delivery at campuses through our partner carrier. When you sign up information will be available about how our service works at your campus. 

Will you pick up in my room?

Yes. Pick up and delivery off campus is only $45. Just provide the street address when you sign up and your items will be picked up or delivered. Additional fees may apply. Email us at with any questions.

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Can you deliver pick up and off-campus?
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Can you ship my boxes internationally?

Yes. We ship to virtually any location on the globe. Prior to shipping you can get a free estimate. Complete the estimate form and we'll reply shortly with the best rate.

Absolutely yes. When boxes from our packing kit are used and a box is no more than 40 lbs. the rate is only $60 per box to virtually  any street address within the continental U.S. excluding Alaska and Hawaii. Additional weight is $35 per box. 

Can you ship my boxes within the U.S?
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Please email us at with any questions.